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BUZZTV's values were learned from GURU Jason Lawrence Nazar, Co-Founder and CEO of Thank you Jason !!!

Why Do We Exist?
Consider it a personal dream quest. BUZZTV IS the very reason we get out of bed every day. It is pure boundless passion, driven by the desire to do this every waking minute of our days, and carrying our message and flag afar.

BUZZTV is a community based television network. BUZZTV buzzcasts local community content from the area you live in, to screens situated at prime restaurants, venues & guesthouses. The idea is that unlike on national or international television, BUZZTV enables the viewer to see content, that means interesting local events, places, people & uplifting localised content… you, your friends & local businesses, your town & surrounds. Yes, we sometimes do schedule captivating content from far away, but only if it inspires & uplifts viewers.

BUZZTV schedules 70% local content and 30% paid for advertising in order to pay for costs. BUZZTV also offers free or subscription based content channels for both private or public use – perfect for companies who wish to empower their offices or branches with in-house content delivery mechanism. For folk or companies who produce content, we are happy & willing to help broadcast your content to your & our viewers.

BUZZTV as a brand will not broadcast any material relating to politics, religion or any material of an offensive nature. BUZZTV strives to build a clean television network that is independent & NOT subject to the nature of mainstream media.

The Psychedelic Muse


Michael Dunstan
Trout and Coffee
Breathe and Flow

Health & Spirit

The Indie Projects

Living Spaces

Flying The Nest

Travel & Adventure

Cooking With Sros



Health & Spirit

Hey Nadine

Travel & Adventure

Beau Miles


Jonna Jinton


The Food Ranger
Anthony Bourdain Collection


Relax Cafe Music
Guillaume Néry

Swim & Dive

Josh Neuman

Skate & Downhill

The Nomadic Movement

Living Spaces

The Fairly Local Family
Saltwater Fishing South Africa
Sam Evans


Maddie Lymburner
Polar Warriors

Health & Spirit

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THEBUZZ again, is a community based business/social initiative that assists artists, businesses & people to create a BUZZ about themselves, their products & services within a town or region.

We do this primarily through setting up BUZZ events whether BUZZGigs, BUZZ4BIZ or BUZZCommunity showcasing at local venues or markets. We market these events utilizing THEBUZZ unique form of branding and off course on BUZZTV.

THEBUZZ also assist individuals & businesses with brand design, on the ground marketing, internet & social media marketing, website design & marketing, video production, live event broadcast coverage & filming.

The marketing strategy of THEBUZZ proved very successful in the pilot launch done in the Overberg. THEBUZZ gained huge momentum very quickly for building a household name brand in the Overberg without relying on mass-media. BUZZ words like “BETHEBUZZ” and “TRUST THE BUZZ” still remain very active and uttered in the Overberg. The central component in all marketing activities of THEBUZZ was “Word of mouth” and “almost shock value” high visibility quirky marketing at events and markets in the Overberg. Besides a pushed trial programme, THEBUZZ invented an extensive network of events, co-sponsored leading festivals of extreme sports (Hi-Tec WalkerbayXtreme), music events and business workshops with branded buzzwear to complete their marketing strategy.

However, in order to sustain the marketing success and fast growing ground-swell, it quickly became  apparent that the public wanted to know “what is the BUZZ going to do next”. This requires THEBUZZ to keep on expanding and increase visibility as the public associated THEBUZZ with constant change and creative marketing.

Unique positioning strategies targeting trendy eco travel and the tourism, hospitality, foody & extreme sport industries to built the brand’s equity. Grassroots marketing campaigns to emphasize THEBUZZ image as being a cool and trendy brand for cool and trendy young adults and businesses. Word of mouth and an intentionally vague strategy makes the brand mysterious. By not emphasizing what the company itself does or feels are the brand’s strengths, it allows people to decide for themselves, involves them in the hype as well as facilitates the emergence of rumors, some quite outlandish, adding to THEBUZZ perceived size, value and increasing the brand’s equity.

All of these branding events, unconventional as they are, align well with the product’s perceived unconventionality, and are strong elements of the brand’s strong equity, many of the tactics, including those contributing to the lack of public information concerning the company and BUZZTV, also provide the potential to erode the brand’s equity.

Unbranded co-branding

BUZZWORDS, BUZZPHRASES and all BUZZ branding are designed for for re-usable co-branding. It is simplistic, catchy and highly visible.

Phrases such as “THE BUZZ iS COMING“, “TRUST THE BUZZ” and “BE THE BUZZ” (SEETHEBUZZ, FEELTHEBUZZ, HEARTHEBUZZ etc) can be utilised to market ANY product or business. Example of this was the re-opening of the new, The Old Deli in Hermanus. THEBUZZ branded the outside of the restaurant and traffic circle with HUGE highly visible BUZZ branding – passers by were intriqued to find out what was happening, where is this BUZZ? What is coming? What is this BUZZ? BUZZTV created with the owner a BUZZBURGER to introduce his new menu of gourmet burgers which THEBUZZ promoted heavily utilising their BUZZTV media screens scattered all over he Overberg.

The branding is “unbranded” by design as it does not specifically define THEBUZZ as a company. It is re-usable, movable and can be used to create a BUZZ in any town and any product for any business e.g. the launch of a new car or shoe… yet all the time it is building the strength of THEBUZZ as a brand almost subconsciously.

BUZZ Event Coverage

BUZZTV ZA provided live media coverage of the Hi-Tec WalkerbayXtreme Sport Event held in Hermanus in 2015, 2017 and 2018


BUZZTV always promotes local musicians & they form an integral part of our launch events

BUZZ4BIZ Showcasing

BUZZTV helps local artists & business' create a BUZZ about their products or services at local markets

BUZZ4BIZ Workshops

BUZZTV helps local business people connect and share knowledge with monthly business buzz forum workshops


Greg McEwan Marriott


Nic Marriott

Creative Director

Natalie Duxbury

Content Manager

Hannes Coetzee



Security / K9 Unit

Charlie Cubitt

United Kingdom

Cathy Croxford

South Africa

Jannie Botha

South Africa

Tarynne Venter

South Africa

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