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  • WEsail

    WE are Warren and Erica! Follow us as we take on our biggest adventure yet. Sailing around the world in our new catamaran Fountaine Pajot. We just got married and sold everything we have to take our lives from land to sea. WE begin our travels on a road trip living out of our truck …

  • Cat Greatcircle

    Captain Marijke and Mark are sailing around the world on catamaran Greatcircle. After sailing from SW France to Northern Norway in Lagoon 39 Breinwave in 2016 we switched to Greatcircle which was delivered from the factory in Bordeaux in February 2017. We live aboard most of the year and have been cruising the Med in …

  • Sailing Zingaro

    LIVE UPDATE: Sad to report that our Zingaro is shipwrecked. Find out more on Kickstarter: Half hilarious, mostly entertaining, s/v Zingaro is a couple sailing around the world on a home-built catamaran with a shoe-string budget. We’ve sailed over 26,000 miles and definitely had more than 99 problems. Please leave us a comment, or contact …

  • Captain Rick Moore

    Life is about living! We invite you to share our journey with moments captured as they are experienced. Come live these moments with us! ⛵ More Videos at:

  • Sailing SV Delos

    Sailing With SV Delos! This is our story, a story of four souls sailing around the world. It is a story about sailing and travel and adventure. But it’s also a story about meeting amazing people and making life long friends. It’s a story of people living their lives in an alternate way, in close …

  • Sailing Tangaroa

    Hi we are James & Hannah and we live on board our 37ft James Wharram Catamaran Tangaroa (The Tanga), sailing around Australia visiting some of the most remote and incredible places in OZ! We live a simple life with a 40 litre Engle fridge, catch fish when we need and explore as much as we …

  • Sailing Yacht Florence

    We are a British couple who set off in 2016 to sail around the world on our 37ft monohull. Thousands of miles and multiple oceans later, the adventure is still ongoing. Our videos document our adventures and life aboard as we travel the world full time via boat. Join us as we cross oceans, meet …

  • Sailing Nahoa

    The average person our age is allowed a measly 10 days of vacation per year and has a car loan and mortgage to boot. That used to be us. Until we sold everything. We sold the house, the car, motorbike and most every possession. Even the winter clothes went out the window. We sold up …

  • Gone with the Wynns

    Hello. We’re Jason and Nikki Wynn, a couple of perpetual travelers, Sailors, RV’ers and modern day documentarians. This is the home of our discoveries and adventures all depicting the unscripted tale of how we traded in everyday life to satisfy our wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.   We have an irrefutable desire to search, explore, discover, …

  • Sailing La Vagabonde

    We are an Australian couple with the dream of circumnavigating the globe by sail boat… initially having no clue of how to sail. We have now sailed over 60,000nm each across many oceans. Through our videos we hope to inspire others to explore alternative options of living and to spread ocean awareness

  • Sailing Zatara

    As my husband and I entered our mid-40s, we realized we were completely exhausted with corporate America and the effect it was having on our marriage and our kids. Something definitely had to change.   So, we saved some cash, gathered our four kids and, regardless of having no prior sailing experience, sold our suburban …


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