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We have done everything possible to make anything possible.

Income Opportunities
we all need to increase revenue… BUZZTV offers you three ways to utilise what we have created to make you some money
Community at Heart

It is essential to BUZZTV to enable communities to have a visual voice & of utmost importance that we can involve local talent in local communities allowing them to benefit directly financially

As a freelance rep for BUZZTV you earn between up to 50% of every advertising contract you sell. In monetary terms that means anything between R998 to R1,596 per contract sold.

Anybody can register to become a BUZZTV Freelance Sales Representative.

Own a restaurant, guesthouse, busy shop or business with a LCD or LED TV screen not doing much but showing “Days of our Lives” or sport? Want to make some money with that screen?

Get a BUZZTV Partner Startup Kit, and start showing your clientele some localized and most definitely FUNKY content. You sell the ad-space on your screen, we do the rest, you get 50% of all the ads you sold on your screen. PLUS we give you a free one year ad contract to advertise your business on ALL our screens. Now that TV is making you some money.

Whether you are in Pofadder or New York, it makes no difference! We will broadcast the ads you sold, or we sold on your behalf and some very cool content to your location.

We will courier or ship your BUZZBOX to you, all you do is plug it into your TV, connect up to your WiFi, and start selling adverts to your friends and clients via our website. The rest we take care of.

How do I get BUZZTV in my establishment?

If you want to have BUZZTV in your establishment, showroom or venue please feel free to visit our Opportunities page and fill in the Contact us form. If your venue is chosen as part of an official BUZZ cluster, then the cost to you the owner is zero. We supply all the equipment needed to enable your venue to go live. If you would like to get BUZZTV as a method of generating income from an existing screen in your venue, then have a look below.

Have a screen and want BUZZTV?

BUZZTV sells BUZZBOX player to a venue or establishment. Typically, this is an established venue e.g. a restaurant, pub, guest house, busy store or business that owns existing television screens and would like to increase revenue by selling advertising contracts to their patrons, suppliers or businesses around them.
  • Site buys BUZZTV player to plug into their existing TV and Wi-Fi network
  • BUZZTV syndicates its content to that player
  • BUZZTV provides site with a sales advert to market on their screen informing their clients that they may advertise on the screen
  • The venue/site sells its own adverts and earns 50% of the sale
  • Payment splits are paid immediately upon a completed transaction
  • All design work, billing, scheduling is handled by BUZZTV
  • The site/venue may purchase branding and marketing material e.g. stickers, branded wear, vehicle branding, flags, banners from the BUZZTV store at cost price
  • Site decides and sets the price of advertising to suit the establishment, but a minimum rate is set by BUZZTV
  • Site may also allow BUZZTV to jointly sell advertising on their behalf

BUZZTV Partner Startup Kit


BUZZTV was conceived with the idea of a franchise model at heart. If you are a self starter and want to run your own BUZZTV franchise in your town or region, then you are going to find that a BUZZTV Franchise is a very quick business to set up, pretty inexpensive to buy into, easy to run and returns maximum profit for minimal work required.

Obviously the number of franchises available per area is finite, so quick starters benefit first. In most cases, franchisees attain ROI (Return on Investment) in 1- 3 months, so your profitability is pretty high.

For a small purchase amount of less than R10k per site, (minimum of 5 sites) franchisees can turn 2-3 times the initial investment in a month. As a franchisee, all you need to do is market and sell in your area. All hardware, software, site installations & marketing goodies is supplied to you in our BUZZKIT & all content production & billing is handled by BUZZTV, so you can focus on making money.

Franchise Owner FAQ

BUZZTV sells a cluster license to franchisee
  • Franchisée pays License fee per 5 sites, 10 sites, 20 sites etc.
  • Franchisée cluster licensing is renewable yearly
  • Franchisée identifies 5, 10 or 20 venues/sites
  • Venues/Sites get free advertising on all screens in the cluster
  • BUZZTV provides franchisee with site contracts (1 year or 2 years)
  • BUZZTV supplies and install screens and players in sites
  • BUZZTV provides franchisee with sales toolkit to start selling adverts
  • BUZZTV handles all billing, advert production, and scheduling of adverts to the cluster
  • The price of advertising contracts is managed by BUZZTV.
  • BUZZTV sources, manages and syndicates relevant content to the cluster screens.
  • Franchisée manages all sales on his cluster, either him/herself selling advert contracts, or by appointing commission only freelance reps. How he/she splits sales commissions is decided by the Franchisée.
  • BUZZTV may also sell adverts onto the franchisee’s cluster, sales rep commission of 50% to whoever sells the ad contracts
  • Franchisée may purchase branding and marketing material e.g. stickers, branded wear, vehicle branding, flags, banners from the BUZZTV store at cost price.
  • Payment splits are paid immediately upon a completed transaction
  • All equipment belongs to BUZZTV network; franchisee buys the right to operate a BUZZTV franchise in his/her area for the period of the contract.

Opportunities exist for individuals or companies to become official BUZZTV Agents / Resellers / Country Partners anywhere in the world.

  • Normally a Memorandum of Understanding is signed between BUZZTV and the party concerned, and an exclusive licensing fee applies.
  • A typical profit share of 50/50 applies.


As with any startup, BUZZTV requires angel funding. Our goals are clear; nationwide by the end of the year. BUZZTV has the capability to increase turnover internationally with an extremely lean operating core cost, is exceptionally scale-able and manageable, with only a 5% increase in operating costs for every 10x scale.

We seek angel investing to grow BUZZTV to achieve our footprint nationally and internationally.


Content Creators

Without you we cannot exist and therefor it is essential that you feel appreciated. We ask Content Creators in every town to submit their videos or list their YouTube Channels. We think you should submit your videos at as many other sites possible,  such as YouTube or Vimeo, but at BUZZTV we pay you for every second of video you submit. We also reward you for when people in the community watch your videos.


Sharing is Caring! We firmly believe viewers should be rewarded for their time viewing content (especially ADS). Earn points while you watch. Earn even more points for watching advertising. Your time spent watching BUZZTV earns you money that can be traded for discounts or payments at any of our online store partners or with advertising partners within your own town or even internationally.



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